Optical brightener absorbs UV light and reemits this energy in the visible range as blue violet light, thereby producing a whitening effect in polymers. Thus could be widely used in PVC, PP, PE, EVA, engineering plastics and other high grade plastics.

Optical brightener is used in textile printing and dyeing industry to whiten cellulose fiber, nylon, vinylon and other fabrics with excellent whitening dispersion, level dyeing effect and color retention. The treated fiber and fabric have beautiful color and brightness.

Optical brightener can absorb UV light and emit blue violet fluorescence to improve the whiteness or brightness of paintings. At the same time, it can reduce the damage of ultraviolet, improve the light resistance and extend the service life of paintings in outdoor and sunlight.

Optical brightener can be mixed into synthetic detergent powder, washing cream, and soaps to make them white, crystal clear and plump in appearance. It can also keep the whiteness and brightness of the washed fabrics.

intermediates refer to semi-finished products and intermediate products in the process of certain products. It is mainly used in pharmacy, pesticide, dye synthesis, optical brightener manufacturing and other industries.